From the President’s Desk

The Ramgarhia Educational Council is engaged in promoting education at the primary, middle, high school level as well as college education for girls. It is the dream of the founder Baba Gurmukh Singh which has been translated into reality.

Ramgarhia Girls College is doing its bit by giving wings to the aspirations of students and preparing them to soar high into unexplored territories. Affiliated to the prestigious Panjab University, Chandigarh, it is working for the complete development of an individual by providing quality education and instilling values of integrity and passion for work. Our illustrious alumni is proof that a plant well nurtured in its initial stages does yield a better fruit in life. For our students- past, present and future,. I quote T.S. Eliot- “Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

Ranjodh Singh

From the Secretary’s Desk

The youth today is energetic but restless, motivated but misguided. As P.B. Shelley so aptly put it –
“We look before and after and pine for what is not”
The younger generation does not understand that the present is the most precious time. Time gone is over, and mulling over the past is killing the present. Similarly, the future is uncertain, and questioning the undecided is futile. The time is now – live in the present. Make the most of what is in hand. Those who learn to grab every opportunity that comes their way learn to make life beautiful despite all odds.
At Ramgarhia Girls College, students are provided every chance to make their mark in their chosen fields. Also, participation in cultural activities and sports grooms them to lead a life of discipline and cooperation. May the journey through the hallowed portals of this institution lead them to a brighter future.

Gurcharan Singh Lotey

From the Principal’s Desk

The definition of a good education is changing with every passing year. There is a vast difference between being literate and being educated. In the true sense of the word, education encompasses all skills that make life meaningful. First and foremost, it builds the foundation of a strong character. Then, it creates opportunities for professional growth. And last but not least, it helps youngsters to develop recreational abilities so that they engage themselves in fruitful activity in their leisure hours.

This college has always strived to provide a holistic growth pattern to its students so that they can truly benefit from the education that they receive here. Professional and personal growth should go hand-in-hand to create a sense of well-being. Now-a-days, education is considered to be a commodity, the aim of which is to produce employable labour. India is a land of the ‘guru-shishya parampara’, and we need to study the function of higher education. A good education produces informed, reflective citizens who are able to question the set norms of society, who are not afraid to voice their opinion, and who believe in equal opportunity for all. Let us slow down in this jet-set life and take our time to understand the true meaning and value of education. It is a priceless possession that creates critical, enlightened individuals who are ready to knock on every door that opportunity offers. Good luck and God bless.

Dr. Inderjit Kaur