At FactCheck, we all follow a process as soon as we pick, studies, create, edit and, if needed, correct our articles.


At FactCheck, we all follow a process as soon as we pick, studies, create, edit and, if needed, correct our articles.


Our personal content fluctuate slightly depending on the election circuit.

In total a long time, we meticulously supervise the truthful consistency of what really is said by chairman and ideal government representatives, as well as congressional and gathering management. But most of us largely pay attention to presidential candidates in presidential election a long time, additionally, on the absolute best Senate racing in midterm elections. In off-election age, the key attention is found on the action in Congress.


When deciding on material to publish pertaining to, all of us try to give the same time frame examining assertions by Republicans and Democrats. We do that by looking at claims they make in identical locations.

All of our sources put:

Sunday discuss reveals. All of us test transcripts on the Sunday discuss displays on important platforms and wire stations. (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox Reports and CNN.)

television ads. a made program produces all of us with television advertising for all the national elections (chairman, Senate and Household). We all test a large number of if not all of the TV set ads from inside the presidential promotions, but limit our personal review on different federal racing to individuals which happen to be determined by nonpartisan root as “competitive” – which, one example is, were eight Senate races in 2014.

C-SPAN. During presidential selection years, most people professional review C-SPAN films of promotion rallies and happenings on the marketing page, if records of happenings usually are not accessible. Most of us in addition monitor C-SPAN during surface debates on biggest laws and commission hearings on biggest problem.

Presidential remarks. You rating practically all remarks distributed by the director, most notably every speech and press conference. The director’s opinions can be purchased about light residence websites, and are sent to united states through the whiten Household press office.

CQ Records and These services provide north america with transcripts of community and wire stories series and/or additional occasions, like speeches, panel hearings and hit conventions. All of us professional review transcripts of the audio such as the opinions of biggest U.S. political figures, group leaders, prospects and greatest administration officials each day. Most of us in addition watch opinions created by important political statistics toward the press, which should guide north america to find transcripts of the audio or videos on the opinions.

Venture and established web sites, press announcements and similar ingredients. We all monitor what politicians and candidates say within their internet or perhaps in social websites stuff, for example on facebook or myspace and Youtube and twitter.

Customers. You respond to questions from users in features we refer to as Check with FactCheck and inquire SciCheck.

Visit, satisfy see all of our clip, “Selecting claims to compare.”


Most people systematically go through transcripts of the audio and video clips interested in reports based around issues. As we come an announcement which imagine might inaccurate or misleading, we are going to take part – or try to indulge – using person or firm which getting fact-checked. The burden is on the person or firm making the claim they supply data to back up it.

In the event the promote information demonstrates argument is accurate, we’ll drop they and progress to another thing. All of our purpose is always to decrease the level of deception and dilemma in U.S. politics, therefore we target claims being fake or misleading.

When the encouraging product does not support the promise or if perhaps no proof was provided, subsequently we’re going to conduct investigation of our own very own.

You use principal resources of ideas. The sources feature: the selection of Congress for congressional testament; your home Clerk and Senate Secretary’s company for roll-call votes; the agency of Labor information for jobs facts; the investments and trade fee for company documents; the IRS for income tax information; the Bureau of market investigation for financial data; together with the focus Critical information Administration for electricity facts – to name a few.

You rely on nonpartisan administration services for resources, analyses and account, such as the Congressional Budget Office, the joints panel on tax, government entities Kink dating only consumer reports liability Office, the Congressional exploration solution, the stores for Medicare & Medicaid Services, together with the federal examiner common.

We also rely on some respectable and dependable exterior professionals, for example the Kaiser families support on healthcare facts, the taxation strategy middle for income tax reports as well National convention of status Legislatures. We all also interview professionals on some other themes when needed – as an example, in researching problem on unknown places, we’d get hold of specialist on those cities. If quoting professional, most of us expose appropriate biographical records, including her preceding are employed in government or promotions — if appropriate.

The mission is to use the greatest indications.


After a story is developed, it is through a few levels of modifying and examine:

Range editing and enhancing. a range editor product reviews the storyplot for content. Try situation missing? May authoring definite? Will be the keyword solution precise?